Industrial Flooring

Here at Fairfield Sales we can offer more than simply rubber matting for equine environments and stables, as we also provide a range of high quality and durable industrial flooring, and these flooring solutions offer a range of benefits to your business.

Chief among them is the reduction in risk of leg, knee, back and neck problems that can occur from standing for long periods of time. The comfort and support that is offered by our industrial rubber flooring ensures that minimal strain is placed on these areas of the body.

This in turn ensures that employee absenteeism through health issues is reduced - a problem that costs businesses all over the UK thousands of hours every year - while slips, trips and falls are also positively affected as our industrial matting offers superior stability.

Improving Workplace Productivity

Implementing measures that positively impact on your employees health will inevitably increase workplace productivity, however our industrial flooring can also improve the productivity of your business as a whole.

Our industrial rubber matting provides a more comfortable working environment in two ways. Firstly, the added support reduces workplace discomfort on the body, but secondly it also possesses insulating properties which helps to maintain a suitable working temperature. Problems of fatigue are also reduced, and all of these factors lead to significantly improved staff morale which has been proven to boost productivity.

So if you're interested in improving your workplace environment with our industrial rubber matting browse our selection of products below, or call our team on 0845 130 6223.

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