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  • The Perfect Rubber Mat For Your Stable

    Raising horses and not taking proper care, is a pretty bad idea. Well, I am sure if you have your own horse, you have been taking good care.

    Bur, are you sure you have taken every measure to make sure your horses in the stable are fine?

    Proper hygiene, clean stalls and comfortable bedding is the three important aspects that ensure healthy living style for them. To be very true, horses are not meant to live on concrete floors, they were designed to walk on greens. Since concrete floor is plain, it can be slippery, abrasive and freezing cold in winters. Continue reading

  • A Brief Overview of Dehorner

    There are several measures that you need to take when it is about raising a cattle farm. Apart from making a good boundary wall, the next thing you need doing is dehorning the cattle making use of a dehorner.

    What is Dehorning?

    As the name describes, Dehorning is a removal of animal horns. It is a vital part of the overall cattle management system. If the cattle you are raising on your farm has horns, then immediately you need to think of dehorning. The reason behind this is the horns can become deadly for the other livestock as well as for the farmer. Continue reading

  • Why Do Your Need To Install Electric Fencing For Cattle

    When you have a dairy farm in your house, you need to make sure that your pets are safe and away from the dangerous predators. No matter how big your boundary wall is, there is always a chance of something or someone climbing over it. This is where electric fencing becomes the final answer for the owners. Whether it is a predator or it is about someone trying to steal your pet, electric fencing prohibits the entrance of any unnecessary things.

    Electric fencing needs no introduction as it is being used for ages. Not only for the dairy farm, but also in the military field and other high surveillance areas it has been the primary choice for security. Here fencing is done by wires, which are again a conductor. Continue reading

  • Why use to stable fork for cleaning

    At some stages in the life as horse owner, one may find it necessary to stable the horse. It may be only for couple of night, a week or permanent situation. No matter whatever be the reason or length of the horses stay, it is important to clean the stable at least once a day. Each and every morning, it is very necessary for each and everyone to arrive at the stable every morning and clean up the mess right from the previous night before.

    For cleaning up the poo, stable fork is something which is very useful. Scarping off the dirt right from the stable floor can seriously be useful. They can easily clean up the poo very smoothly in no hassle. Continue reading

  • How To use Rubber Stable Mats for Horses and Cattle

    As we head into spring, many farmers will be tending to their new livestock, which may include lambs bounding over green pastures. This is also a great time to look at where you can make other improvements to help make your animals more comfortable. Here at Fairfield Sales we have a huge selection of rubber stable mats that will be perfect for both cattle and horses. You will find that all of our products are of an impeccably high standard, and will provide you with a durable and long lasting solution. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service as we want to ensure that every customer that comes through our doors has a positive shopping experience every time. Continue reading

  • Fairfield Supplies Ltd Offers Wide Ranges Of Equestrian Wheelbarrow

    A wheelbarrow is certainly one of the very important tools which you can ever buy for household. This equipment can be used more than just about any other tool. Right at first glance, this may seem a simple device. It is just a tub which is located over a wheel with 2 handles for pushing it. The invention of wheelbarrow is certainly one of the important aspects in the history of construction. Continue reading

  • Fairfield Supplies Offers Wide Ranges Of Electric Fencing

    When it is the question of excellent ranges of equestrian products, the brand to rely on is surely Fairfield Supplies Ltd. You can get wide ranges of option in the arena of excellent products like electrical fencing. Now many may wonder why to opt for professional ranges of electrical fencing. Electric fencing can surely range in specific areas like office buildings and various secure compounds. Continue reading

  • What Are The Different Choices Of Cubicle Mattresses For Your Stable

    Choosing the right bedding for the horse is very important and some may prefer the choice of straw or wood shavings. But now the choices have seriously widened with rubber matting, shredded paper or cardboard, hemp or rapeseed based bedding as well. There are various wood shavings which are manufactured for horse bedding. There is the option of cubicle mattresses which is essential as well as better option for horse bedding. Continue reading

  • What Are The Qualities Of Cow Brushes From Fairfield Supplies Ltd

    Well we all need a good back scratch now and then every once in a while and cows are usually no different. Right in the natural environment, cows usually rub against trees as well as bushes. Right around farm, they will effectively use objects like fences, water troughs and fences.

    While using makeshift back scratcher may safely satisfy the itch, the risk of injury right to animals and damage will only increase with use. Continue reading

  • How To Feed With Calf Feeding Bucket From Fairfield Supplies Ltd

    If you are a proud owner of cattle, then one of your prime responsibilities lies in the fact of feeding your animals in the best possible way. Right at a very tender age, you need to train your calf in the right way possible. At the initial stage, calves are usually feed from bottles and they do that well. Bucket training usually can come very easily after that. Pretty young calf tends to suck at everything. Because of this procedure, the whole bucket training procedure comes pretty easy. Take the example that you hold out two fingers, calf should come over and then latch on immediately. Continue reading

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