Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Beef vs. Dairy: Choosing the Right Cattle For You

    How you decide to take care of your herd should differ depending on the type of cattle you own. Dairy cows are primarily bred to produce milk and other dairy products, whilst beef cattle are kept to breed for consumption purposes. Both cows can be used as beef, but beef cows are generally considered a higher quality meat due to specific breeding standards prior to slaughter. Whether your cattle are beef or dairy, Fairfield Supplies has detailed three ways in which beef or dairy cows can be cared for and have noted the keys area where the two breeds differ.
  • Livestock Event 2016

    The Livestock Event 2016, a popular B2B event in the livestock industry, only comes around once a year, and what a buzz it creates! Held every July in the UK, it welcomes farmers, herdsman and individuals who participate in the livestock industry. This event has over 400 exhibitors, which covers 13 areas of unique product sectors.
  • A Guide to Equestrian Electric Fencing

    We all keep horses for different reasons, but whether your horse is your friend, hobby, or investment, you want to keep it safe. When we were first established, we focused solely on providing our customers with high-quality equestrian rubber flooring, and this has now expanded to include a wide range of farming equipment. We have a huge knowledge base when it comes to all things equestrian, which is why we have put together this brief guide to electric fencing which answers a few common questions to make your purchasing process easier. Continue reading

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