A Guide to Starting a Career in Farming

In a world of office jobs, a career in farming can offer a different lifestyle to those seeking a more physically stimulating job. To help guide your decision, Fairfield Supplies has detailed five aspects of working within the industry which should be considered before you begin your career in farming.

Work experience

If you’re interested in a career in farming, but aren’t too sure what exactly you’d like to do within the industry, it is always beneficial to gain work experience before making a big commitment. Contact your local farmer and enquire about help, or try to join a club with similar agricultural interests to get involved with farming projects across your town. Work experience will give an insight into the farming industry and should help to aid your decision making process.


Generally, a farming career is open to everybody post-GCSEs. College courses such as Diplomas in Agriculture are on offer for those farmers wishing to improve their knowledge of the industry, but are not a necessity.

Jobs available

There is a common misconception that the only farming job available is, well, being a farmer. This could not be further from the truth. A wide range of jobs are attainable within the agriculture industry, including farm management, agricultural sales, feed specialists, and machinery operations. Be sure to research into which job you would be most interested in and try to gain work experience in that specific area.

Negative parts of the job

As with any job, there will be elements which aren’t so enjoyable. The hours are long, and early mornings are a prerequisite. The work has to get done, no matter how bad the weather is. Conditions such as snow, ice, or heavy rain will test your dedication, which is wholly needed in this job.

Benefits of the job

Despite any negative aspects, there are many benefits to beginning a career in farming. Your ‘office’ is a beautiful landscape that changes as the seasons do; average salaries exceed the national average; and no day is ever the same. Farming life feels very free and you can be your own boss.

Overall, a career in farming is a rewarding experience which is very different from the regular, 9-5 jobs in the city. Fairfield Supplies can offer an extensive range of products which can be used to enhance your farming experience greatly. Get in contact by calling 0845 130 6223 to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team.

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