Advantages of Using Stable Matting During the Summer

Stable matting has a number of advantages and qualities, however many of these are all intensified during the summer months. Whether you are tired of using hay in your stables or just fancy a change and want the best for your horse, these top benefits can help you to make the decision:


Using stable mats rather than hay is a much more effective way of reducing the smells in the stable. The rubber matting allows any urine to drain away much more efficiently rather than being absorbed by the straw and hay on the stable floor. This means it is harder for bacteria to build up so smells don’t linger.

Less Bedding

Stable mats provide a comfortable flooring solution for your horses that is very close to their natural environment so much less bedding is needed. This means you can save money on the amount of bedding you need to buy as well as the time it takes to muck out and replace the bedding, which is greatly reduced. Stable mats only need a thorough clean every few months so not as much of your time is being spent cleaning, especially in the much hotter summer weather.


During the summer months the heat and humidity may encourage the growth of bacteria and disease in your stables. This could have a negative impact on your horses with many harmful effects. As mentioned earlier, urine drains away much easier when stable mats are used so there is much less risk of any bacteria build up in and around the stable.


Dust can cause problems to your horse’s respiratory systems especially as with every movement the bedding can stir up the dust causing your horse to inhale it, especially in the summer months when everything is much dryer. Regular mucking out needs to be done to ensure that this is kept under control; however stable matting can reduce this problem considerably. As less bedding is needed after installing stable matting, you will also be reducing the amount of dust in the stable environment. Not only will this have a positive effect on your horse’s health, it could also save you money on your vet bills.

So if you want to save money and ensure that your horse’s wellbeing is in a much better state, invest in stable matting for your stables. We here at Fairfield Sales are experts when it comes to stable and rubber matting and can provide you with high quality materials at affordable prices. So call us today on 0845 130 6223 for more information on any of our products.

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