Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Stable

Choosing the right equipment for your stable can be an arduous task. With a vast array of options available on the market today, it can seem a little overwhelming for any first-time stable owner to sift through and determine which products are necessary to ensure the health and happiness of your horse. To aid your purchasing decisions, Fairfield Supplies Ltd have offered four product options below which are absolute stable essentials for any horse owner.

Functional Tool Holder

Mucking out is a crucial aspect to owning and maintaining a stable, albeit a slightly unpleasant one. One way to make this less-than-glamourous task easier is to install a functional tool holder into your stable, such as the one pictured below. This tool holder can hold three tools securely, offering a convenient and safe space to store the equipment for your stable. This product can be easily moved from stable to horsebox, making it a transportable product which will allow you to keep your horse clean and comfortable wherever they travel.

an image on a functional tool holder holding up three tools

Bridle Rack

A bridle rack is integral for keeping your stable organised and clean. The bridle is the headgear used to control and direct the horse when riding, usually attached around the ears and the nose. For the comfort of the horse, it is important that the bridle is kept in a cool, clean place to ensure that germs do not fix to the leather straps and cause illness. A bridle strap, such as the one above, is a very simple way to make sure that this possibility is minimised.

an image of a black bridle rack

Rubberlite Mat

Here at Fairfield Supplies Ltd, we specialise in the supply of rubber matting for equestrian purposes. By choosing a mat such as the Rubberlite Mat, you are receiving a product that is lightweight and transportable, yet durable enough to withstand daily wear-and-tear. Rubber matting is a fantastic stable flooring alternative, as it is easy to clean, provides a comfortable foundation for your horse, and will effectively half your mucking out time.

an image of a Rubberlite Mat


A Flexitub is a multifunctional product which is ideal for a wide range of equestrian requirements. From holding feed and water to storing your equestrian cleaning products, the Flexitub is strong, durable, and available in many colours and sizes - ready to suit your stable.

an image of multiple feed buckets in a variety of sizes and shapes, all perfect equipment for your stable


Here at Fairfield Supplies Ltd, we are confident that we can provide the correct equipment for your stable within our extensive range of equestrian products. Do not hesitate to contact our team at 0845 130 6223 to receive friendly and knowledgeable advice in regards to our equestrian and agricultural supplies today.

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