Cleaning and Maintaining Your Stable Matting

Whether you own 2 or 20 horses or you’re an expert or a novice, when it comes to horses we all tend to find that we have similar problems surrounding stable flooring. If you don’t invest in quality flooring you’re likely to find that your stable is a nightmare to clean and substandard or unsuitable flooring can cause injury and respiratory problems. Here at Fairfield Sales we specialise in stable matting which can save you both time and money and ensure that your horses are as safe and as healthy as possible.

More Time to Spend Doing What You Love

We’re all aware that keeping horses isn’t all about riding through meadows with wild flowers or along a beach front with the wind blowing in your hair; the majority of your time with your horses will be spent feeding and cleaning but with our stable matting you can cut down the time you have to spend cleaning. Here at Fairfield Sales we want to give you more time to spend with your horses and more money to spend on them, which is why our matting is exceptionally easy to clean and maintain.

Improve Your Horses’ Health

As you’ll already know, horses can often develop health problems through standing for long periods of time and your stable flooring will have a direct impact on this. Here at Fairfield Sales we are proud that our quality stable matting can be beneficial to horses with knee or joint problems by reducing pain from prolonged standing as well reducing the spread of bacteria in the stable. Furthermore, quality stable flooring means that you’ll be able to use less bedding, saving you money and reducing dust pollution, improving respiratory problems.

It’s essential to keep your horses happy, healthy and hygienic and stable matting plays a large role in this; why not visit our website or contact us today to find out more about our quality stable matting?

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