• The Importance of High Visibility Clothing

    High visibility clothing, or high vis clothing, is a piece of clothing, usually crafted from fluorescent yellow and silver fabrics, which draws public attention to the wearer of the item. High vis clothing is extremely important in a number of industries and communities, denoting how integral it is that the wearer must be seen by all.

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  • Why You Need To Make The Switch to Stable Mats

    With winter slowly creeping in, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and invest in some quality stable mats. Upgrading your stable now is ideal in order to support your horse and avoid complications with your stable over the coming months. You can avoid icy slippery floors and have peace of mind knowing your horse is safe and happy with it's new stable mats. We’ve recently written about keeping your stable clean, and one of the main ways to make this an efficient task for yourself is to invest in stable matting.

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  • Choosing the Right Equipment for Your Stable

    Choosing the right equipment for your stable can be an arduous task. With a vast array of options available on the market today, it can seem a little overwhelming for any first-time stable owner to sift through and determine which products are necessary to ensure the health and happiness of your horse. To aid your purchasing decisions, Fairfield Supplies Ltd have offered four product options below which are absolute stable essentials for any horse owner.

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  • How to Protect Your Horse From the Cold During the Autumn

    Despite an unseasonably warm September, the long nights and colder days are slowly creeping towards us. There is no better time than today to discover how best to protect your horse from the cold, and Fairfield Supplies Ltd has listed out four essential ways to help this happen.

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  • Keeping A Stable Clean

    Maintaining a clean stable is the best way to ensure that your horse is well-protected from the risk of infection or disease. Having to clean your stable is not the most rewarding part of keeping livestock, but it is a necessity that will keep your horse happy and healthy for longer. Below, Fairfield Supplies Ltd has listed a few tips that we believe are important for keeping a stable clean.

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  • How To Keep Your Horse Cool In The Summer

    There is nothing like riding through the fields on your horse when the sun is blazing. However, just as we would apply sun cream upon stepping out into the sun, it is important to keep your horses protected from the summer heat also. Below, Fairfield Supplies has listed a few handy tips that will help to keep your horse cool in the summer months. Continue reading

  • A Guide to Equestrian Electric Fencing

    We all keep horses for different reasons, but whether your horse is your friend, hobby, or investment, you want to keep it safe. When we were first established, we focused solely on providing our customers with high-quality equestrian rubber flooring, and this has now expanded to include a wide range of farming equipment. We have a huge knowledge base when it comes to all things equestrian, which is why we have put together this brief guide to electric fencing which answers a few common questions to make your purchasing process easier. Continue reading

  • How Wheelbarrows Can Increase Efficiency Within Your Stable

    This latest post discusses the ways in which wheelbarrows can help with the efficiency in your stables and the type of different wheelbarrows available.
  • Advantages of Using Stable Matting During the Summer

    Your horse's comfort and health should be priority, so ensuring that their bedding is the best is vital. Our stable mats are perfect for the summer weather.
  • Advantages Of Rubber Matting

    Rubber matting is a great flooring solution for your stables. Read on to find out the many advantages that our rubber matting at Fairfield Sales can offer.

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