How Anti-Fatigue Mats Can Help in Your Workplace

Many jobs, certainly in the industrial sector, require you to be on your feet for extended periods throughout the day. Sometimes the entire day, in fact, can be spent doing strenuous, exertive work on your feet. One little known fact is that physical stress and fatigue can be brought on through standing up at work for more than just three hours a day. You need to make sure your employees are performing to the best of their ability and to do this, you need to ensure their working environment is as comfortable as possible, especially when they’re taking on tough tasks all day long. That’s where we come in. Here at Fairfield Sales, we have a range of revolutionary anti-fatigue mats that could change the way your work place functions, today!

Keeping still isn’t easy, and that’s because the body isn’t designed for it. As you stand in a single position, you’re putting the entire weight of your body onto your joints, flattening defenceless blood cells and increasing fatigue tenfold in the process.

Furthermore, walking on hard surfaces such as concrete or tiles in an industrial unit all day can lead to a sore back and aches in the joints in your legs. If you’re doing this day in, day out, it can lead to adverse effects later in life as well.

So how do anti-fatigue mats help? They’re designed to work with the body to prevent the muscles from becoming static, which inhibits blood flow. As mentioned, when the muscles stop moving, the problems begin to arise. The mat’s flexibility causes subtle movements in the muscles, coercing them into perpetually readjusting, allowing blood to travel quicker and fatigue to become a thing of the past!

It’s a doubtless fact that the happier your staff are, the harder they will work for you, and so keeping productivity up and the workload moving is directly affected by the extent to which you look after your employees. These mats are a simple, yet incredibly effective way of keeping your work force invigorated and ready to work.

So call Fairfield Sales today, and our professional, experienced assistants will be able to help you, help your staff and increase the effectiveness of your staff today!

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