How Industrial Rubber Matting Can Improve Warehouse Safety

At Fairfield Sales, we realise how important staff members are to a warehouse. Your entire warehouse would come to a standstill if you do not have the right personnel, or if you are short-staffed due to employee injuries and sickness. We also know that warehouse floors are quite prone to injuries. We, therefore, recommend that you use industrial rubber matting in your warehouse, in order to provide improved safety to your employees. You might be wondering as to why are we recommending industrial rubber matting, especially with several other options available, and that’s why we’ve compiled these numerous safety benefits into our latest article.

Prevents Injuries

Slips and falls are the most common causes of injuries at a workplace, and this also holds true for warehouses. You can help to prevent falls in your warehouse flooring by installing industrial rubber matting. This type of matting provides more traction and, therefore, prevents your employees from slipping and falling over. Not only does this help you better comply with legislation and improve your building’s safety standards, it helps to minimise downtime or capacity loads caused by absent employees.

Insulation During Cold Winter Months

Due to the wide spaces, warehouses are often difficult to insulate against the cold during winters. This can bring up a number of safety issues, from employee health to the safe operation of machinery and appropriate storage of potentially hazardous materials. What our industrial rubber matting can provide is one of the most efficient and effective forms of insulation for this often problematic warehouse spaces, ensuring that the temperature within your building can be more easily maintained – you can even save money on your running costs as a result, too.

Reduces Fatigue and Joint Stress

If your warehouse workers spend most of their time standing during their shift or working hours, it would certainly lead to a sense of fatigue and may also increase the risk of foot injury. Fortunately, you can reduce the incidences of fatigue and injuries by installing some high-quality industrial rubber matting in your warehouse. The matting offers a cushioning effect to the individual while standing or walking, and it also helps reduce the chances of joint pain and other hip, knee, and ankle injuries.

At Fairfield Sales, we only believe in supplying high-quality and durable industrial rubber matting. Our matting is made from non-porous rubber that not only insulates the floor, but also provides necessary cushioning to the feet. In addition, the matting is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring you always have a spick and span working environment. If you want to install industrial rubber matting in your commercial property, do contact us today. We would be glad to recommend the right rubber matting for your needs and also help you make an informed purchase decision.

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