How To Feed With Calf Feeding Bucket From Fairfield Supplies Ltd

If you are a proud owner of cattle, then one of your prime responsibilities lies in the fact of feeding your animals in the best possible way. Right at a very tender age, you need to train your calf in the right way possible. At the initial stage, calves are usually feed from bottles and they do that well. Bucket training usually can come very easily after that. Pretty young calf tends to suck at everything. Because of this procedure, the whole bucket training procedure comes pretty easy. Take the example that you hold out two fingers, calf should come over and then latch on immediately.

Calf Feeding Bucket

Training To Feed Calf Feeding Bucket From Fairfield Supplies Ltd

  • Try to mix the normal amount of milk replacer when you are feeding the calf and then pour it right into bucket.
  • Now if the calf has started to suck the fingers then try to slowly guide the head right down to the bucket.
  • Help them realize that there is milk in bucket so that they can drink it by putting the hand right down in bucket.
  • Leave the fingers in mouth as they start to suck it right out of bucket. Then remove the fingers and carry the calf to drink on its own. Replace the fingers and help them again.
  • Try to do this, till the bucket us gone and it may take long. Be patient!
  • Some steps needs to be done a lot of times in the couple of days, as they do take time to realize that milk is in bucket not to fingers.
  • Try to be patient and certainly not be impatient, forceful and rushed. If the calf do not get it after 2-3 days then try to wait for a week and training them again.
  • After they have the idea on how to drink from calf feeding bucket, all one can do is to pour the milk replacer in the bucket and then let them drink it down.
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