How to Protect Your Farm from the Danger of Pests and Diseases

When you are a farm owner, the outbreak of animal disease or an influx of pest problems can cause significant damage to both your livelihood and the livestock you possess. Below, Fairfield Supplies have listed three important practices which will help to protect your farm from the danger of pests and diseases.

Regular cleaning of farming equipment

The first way you can protect your farm from the danger of pests and diseases is through the regular cleaning of farming equipment such as tractors and hand tools. Try to establish a designated wash-down area on your farm to keep the cleaning equipment in a safe, dry place where clean water can be easily accessed. Thorough cleaning of equipment is integral to dissuade pests and diseases from flourishing as the seasons change.

Use protection or disposable clothing

Those who visit or work on your farm could inadvertently be spreading pests or diseases through clothing or shoes. Where appropriate, provide protective clothing such as disposable gloves or plastic shoe covers to make sure that pests and diseases aren’t ferried across the farmland through the movement of staff or visitors.

Disinfect your animals

The AHVLA (Animal Health and Veterinary Laboratories Agency) has released a list of approved animal disinfectants which can be used in the farming industry to help protect animals from diseases. A biosecurity measure in which the highest standards of safety are required, disinfectant should be applied at a low pressure in order to achieve the best possible result and protect your animals from harmful diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease or swine fever.

Here at Fairfield Supplies, we wholly understand why it is so important to protect your farm from the danger of pests and diseases. That is why we provide a range of pest control products, ideal for tackling any potential problems that could occur to ensure that both you and your livestock are protected for many years to come. If you would like to discuss our pest control range, give Fairfield Supplies a call at 0845 130 6223 to find out more information from our knowledgeable team today.

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