How to Protect Your Horse From the Cold During the Autumn

Despite an unseasonably warm September, the long nights and colder days are slowly creeping towards us. There is no better time than today to discover how best to protect your horse from the cold, and Fairfield Supplies Ltd has listed out four essential ways to help this happen.

Grooming Regularly

Your normal grooming routine should not change during the autumn, despite reluctance about spending a prolonged amount of time out in the cold. Your horse’s coat will naturally grow longer for an extra layer of protection from the outside chill, but a longer coat can hide all manners of cuts and bruises. When you are grooming your horse, be sure to check underneath the long coat for anything that could indicate ill health.

Plenty of clean water

Horses, like most animals, lose energy when trying to battle extreme weathers. Therefore, you may notice that your horse is consuming more water to help combat the loss of energy. Help your horse by continuously changing their water supply, and by keeping an eye on how often your horse is choosing to drink.

Ventilation to protect your horse

You may think that closing the stable door is a good way to protect your horse from the cold. However, if there is a lack of ventilation, you could in fact be increasing your horse’s exposure to aspects such as dust or allergens which could pose a risk to their health. Ensure that your horse has a fresh supply of air through regular visits out of the stable, which will also allow you to clean the stable and provide fresh bedding.

Prepare for the weather!

Although it is unlikely that the autumn months will bring a flurry of snow to our doorstep, it is best to be ready as a precaution. Many horse owners that do not want to disturb their horse’s routine will use petroleum jelly to grease the hooves. This lubrication should help to prevent any trips or falls that could happen should you horse come into contact with snow. Stock up on medication, as horses can be more susceptible to diseases during the colder months.

Taking the time to protect your horse during the autumn months is the best way to ensure that you are fully able to handle whatever winter throws at you. Here at Fairfield Supplies Ltd., we can offer a vast array of stable supplies which will help you to protect your horse as effectively as possible.

Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to a member of our team about our stable provisions, please do not hesitate to call 0845 130 6223 today.

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