How To use Rubber Stable Mats for Horses and Cattle

As we head into spring, many farmers will be tending to their new livestock, which may include lambs bounding over green pastures. This is also a great time to look at where you can make other improvements to help make your animals more comfortable. Here at Fairfield Sales we have a huge selection of rubber stable mats that will be perfect for both cattle and horses. You will find that all of our products are of an impeccably high standard, and will provide you with a durable and long lasting solution. We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service as we want to ensure that every customer that comes through our doors has a positive shopping experience every time.

Rubber Stable Mats

There are many benefits to using the team here at Fairfield Sales as your chosen supplier of rubber matting; read on as we explain just a few of them.

When working in an environment such as a farm, you will undoubtedly understand the importance of maintaining high standards of cleanliness, which is something that is easily accomplished with our mats. Due to the way it has been made, it will need little maintenance and as dust levels are reduced, you will eliminate the risk of any respiratory problems.

In addition to this, our products will also help to ensure of a safe environment for your cattle or horses. The high quality rubber will act as protection and will minimise the risk of injury through slips or falls.

Whilst making improvements to your farm, you could also consider other areas such as your chicken coops? By upgrading to the latest technology, you could reap the benefits as your animals begin to produce more.

If you’re looking for high quality Rubber matting for stables, look no further than here at Fairfield Sales. To find out more, feel free to browse through our website or call one of our team on 0845 130 6223 to discuss your needs further.

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