Keeping A Stable Clean

Maintaining a clean stable is the best way to ensure that your horse is well-protected from the risk of infection or disease. Having to clean your stable is not the most rewarding part of keeping livestock, but it is a necessity that will keep your horse happy and healthy for longer. Below, Fairfield Supplies Ltd has listed a few tips that we believe are important for keeping a stable clean.


Protect yourself

Before you begin cleaning a stable, it is integral that you check yourself for any open wounds. When you are dealing with excretion, you must cover vulnerable open wounds in order to shield yourself from possible infections. If you have long hair, tie it up or pop it in a shower cap, so that you won’t have to keep moving it from your face when mucking out. Pull on some rubber gloves and a pair of goggles for maximum protection.


Muck out once a week at minimum

Before you begin to clean the stable, it will need to be empty and free from hay bedding, matting, feed buckets or related paraphernalia that may become an obstacle when you are cleaning the floor. The horse should be secured outside of the stable whilst you are cleaning it. Use a fork to remove any hay bedding and excretment, and sweep the floor with a brush. Disinfect the floor and give it a hose down, before leaving it to dry for a few hours. Once the area is dry, you can begin re-bedding the stall, ready for the horse to settle in.


Clean the feed buckets

An important way to keep a stable clean is by thoroughly scrubbing the feed buckets and water troughs or buckets. Frequency of cleaning depends on what the horses are consuming, but we recommend that you clean the feeding products at least once a week with every muck out. Use an all-purpose detergent and mix with plenty of water to create an effective cleaning solution. Here at Fairfield Supplies Ltd, we supply a large range of feed buckets, such as our Hay-Graze Feeder, available online today.

A picture of a horse eating from a feed bucket

Invest in rubber matting

If you’re seeking an alternative to common hay bedding, why not look at investing in rubber matting? It is easy to clean and less time consuming than hay bedding. You will still need to spray down the rubber matting with a hose when you are cleaning the stable to remove feces and other elements of life in the stable. Fairfield Supplies Ltd currently stock an extensive range of rubber mats for our equestrian customers, such as our 'Stanbridge Stable Matting' product, pictured below.

a picture of rubber matting to help with keeping your stable clean


If you can get into a really effective routine, keeping a stable clean can be achieved quickly and with little hassle to you or your horses. For more information about how to keep your stable clean, contact Fairfield Supplies Ltd today by calling 0845 130 6223. A member of the team will be more than happy to guide you through our range of equestrian products that will help to ease the load of keeping a stable clean.

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