• What Are The Different Choices Of Cubicle Mattresses For Your Stable

    Choosing the right bedding for the horse is very important and some may prefer the choice of straw or wood shavings. But now the choices have seriously widened with rubber matting, shredded paper or cardboard, hemp or rapeseed based bedding as well. There are various wood shavings which are manufactured for horse bedding. There is the option of cubicle mattresses which is essential as well as better option for horse bedding. Continue reading

  • Why You Need To Make The Switch to Stable Matting

    With winter slowly creeping in, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and invest in some quality stable mats. Upgrading your stable now is ideal in order to support your horse and avoid complications with your stable over the coming months. You can avoid icy slippery floors and have peace of mind knowing your horse is safe and happy with it's new stable mats. We’ve recently written about keeping your stable clean, and one of the main ways to make this an efficient task for yourself is to invest in stable matting.

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  • Why Rubber Matting Can Be Used For Industrial Purposes

    Rubber matting is a general term for a piece of flat rubber that can be laid to offer a comfortable and low maintenance flooring solution. Although often used for equestrian functions, there are a number of advantages of using rubber matting for industrial purposes. Often within the industrial sector, employees are on their feet for a large portion of the day, standing static from nine to five. Below, Fairfield Supplies has listed three reasons why rubber matting can be effectively implemented within the industrial sector in order to combat common issues.

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  • How To Benefits of Industrial Rubber Matting for your Factory

    Considering installing industrial rubber matting in your factory or warehouse? This article from Fairfield Sales outlines its benefits for your employees.
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