The Importance of High Visibility Clothing

High visibility clothing, or high vis clothing, is a piece of clothing, usually crafted from fluorescent yellow and silver fabrics, which draws public attention to the wearer of the item. High vis clothing is extremely important in a number of industries and communities, denoting how integral it is that the wearer must be seen by all.

High visibility can be worn at all times of the day, its effectiveness is not compromised by any weather. During the day, the ultraviolet rays from the sun reflect onto the high vis item, whilst car lights and other luminous sources allow the high vis wearer to remain visible.

Although high vis vests and jackets are most commonly worn throughout various industries, trousers, waistcoats, and shirts are available to provide extra visibility. If you work in an area which has a large volume of moving transport, full body visibility gear is most appropriate to make sure that your colleagues driving the vehicles are aware of your presence.

High visibility items can be worn in a vast range of situations, including construction sites, warehouses, factories, roadwork suppliers, road travel, and much more.

Within the workplace

In certain workplaces, high visibility clothing may be necessary to guarantee the safety of your employees. The construction industry has a strong need for high visibility clothing, particularly when working at night. To protect yourself or your construction employees, high visibility clothing should be worn at all times while on site, ensuring that you are guarded from the risks of flesh cuts, electrical hazards, and voltage shocks, to name a few possible outcomes. High vis clothing can absolutely cut back on the volume of accidents that occur on-site, and the employer is in-fact liable for any accidents that happen within the workday if high visibility clothing is not provided to the staff from the start. If you are an employer, ensure that you consider all aspects of your work thoroughly and draw up safety regulations for your employees which include instructions for wearing high visibility gear.

Within equestrian communities

Day or night, high visibility clothing should be worn by every rider who wishes to take their horse out on a public road. Frequently, horse riders choose to wear pink high visibility clothing products in order to firmly stand out from the surrounding natural greenery in a way that a yellow product may not. High visibility horse spats are also available, allowing drivers passing by to easily establish the size and breadth of your horse. Multipurpose bands can slot nicely onto your horse’s bridle, offering year-round visibility at little cost.

Other uses

Within sports, high visibility clothing can be helpful for distinguishing between players during night-time matches, and of course those travelling on their bike in public areas should wear high vis clothing at all times. Protect yourself and those around you by ensuring that you have working headlights, and are fully decked out in your high vis gear. Rucksacks constructed from high visibility materials are also a great way to secure your safety on the road.

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