The Perfect Rubber Mat For Your Stable

Raising horses and not taking proper care, is a pretty bad idea. Well, I am sure if you have your own horse, you have been taking good care.

Bur, are you sure you have taken every measure to make sure your horses in the stable are fine?

Proper hygiene, clean stalls and comfortable bedding is the three important aspects that ensure healthy living style for them. To be very true, horses are not meant to live on concrete floors, they were designed to walk on greens. Since concrete floor is plain, it can be slippery, abrasive and freezing cold in winters.

Undoubtedly, you will look for safer and better option for them and the simplest way is to install rubber stable mats. Since hard surface can become slippery for the horses, rubber mats can be a great choice. Rubber materials create the fiction that is required by the horses thereby reducing the chances of slipping on hard surface.

When asked to the stable owners, most of them are very satisfied with the kind of result they are getting. Due to it’s the many advantages of Rubber matting, these products are witnessing a lot of demands these days. With the many choices evolving these days, choices have become much easier.

Let’s take a look at the different types of rubber mats available for the owners:

Grip Top Rubber:

These are excellent rubber mats exclusively made for stable use. These mats are being designed in a manner that will offer great grip to the gorses thereby decreasing the chances of clips and falls.

Grip Top Rubber

Stanbridge Stable Mat:

These stable mats have the ribbed construction which improves the stable drainage system. These are particularly designed to proffer excellent solution for everyone who is searching for quality rubber mats with equestrian properties. These heavy duty mats have the ability to surpass your needs and requirements.

Stanbridge Stable Mat

Ramp Carpet:

This is a rubber matting that is backed by latex is an ideal solution for the horse box. Its design offer apt grippage for the stable irrespective of the weather condition. Being available in a range of colors and sizes, one can choose as per their requirement. It is definitely a versatile material that provides warmth underneath during the cold days thereby making it comfortable bedding.

Ramp Carpet

Fine Rib Rubber:

Fine Rib Rubber is another type of stable mats that is great for any applications. These are availa le in competitive price, elite quality and require no added maintenance. Its constant ribbed style ensures great proper grip and less slipping.

Fine Rib Rubber


This is a great stable mat offering great comfort and warmth to the animals. This is the dual mart system known for the structural integrity along with long life. It has non-porous and anti-slip properties ensure comfort level. Being available in a range of sizes, owners can choose as per their needs.


Rubber is not hazardous or toxic as it is being designed as per the stable needs. Since these are available in a range of designs and shapes, one can choose as per their requirement. Fairfield is one such name that stores a huge assortment of rubber stable mats for sale thereby making it easy to choose.

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