Three Health Benefits of Quality Cow Mats

If you keep cows, it is likely that they are your livelihood, and with that in mind, you will want to ensure that you keep them as healthy and productive as possible. At Fairfield Sales, we are specialist providers of quality and durable rubber stable matting, including cow mats which offer various health benefits to your cattle.

Happy Cows are Productive Cows

Like with chickens, sheep and even human beings, cows are at their most efficient when they are comfortable and stress-free. It has been shown through scientific research that cows yield more milk when they are in an environment that they are happy in, so if you're a dairy farmer who relies on the milk your cows produce to pay the bills, you really can't afford to not implement quality cow matting.

Reduce Hoof Injuries & Joint Strain

Your cattle spend a large portion of the day stood up, and this generates a huge amount of stress and strain on their hooves and joints. Rubber cow matting helps to reduce this significantly, providing a stable and comfortable surface for them to stand on that offers great orthopaedic support to your animals, not only helping to improve their wellbeing but also cutting your vet bills.

Providing a More Hygienic Environment

One of the major health implications of stables is the hygiene issues that can arise from large amounts of bedding. By installing cow mats, you will require much less, allowing easier cleaning and thus a more pleasant living environment for them and working environment for you.

So if you own cattle, make sure you treat their health as a top priority, and invest in the quality cow matting we offer here at Fairfield Sales. Get in touch with our experienced staff today on 0845 130 6223 or alternatively you can complete our online contact form and we'll get back to you.

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