What Are The Different Choices Of Cubicle Mattresses For Your Stable

Choosing the right bedding for the horse is very important and some may prefer the choice of straw or wood shavings. But now the choices have seriously widened with rubber matting, shredded paper or cardboard, hemp or rapeseed based bedding as well. There are various wood shavings which are manufactured for horse bedding. There is the option of cubicle mattresses which is essential as well as better option for horse bedding.

Cubicle Mattresses

Here are some of the choices of bedding option for horse in the most perfect way possible.

Straw- Traditionally used for bedding the horses, wheat straw is most suitable whereas oat and barley straw as it should be used. Straw is relatively cheap and certainly easy to buy and can be disposed of and is warm, cozy and comfortable. There are negative points which can dusty, some horses can eat straw beds which will result in respiratory problems, bedding and weight gain.

Rubber Matting- There are various advantages of rubber matting. If the horse requires extra protection right from injury then it can provide the right cushioning preventing injury. Stable matting will cut down the bedding cost keeping the floor level easy to clean and disinfect.

Mattresses for Cubicle – There are various options of cubicle mattresses which can be used in the best way possible. Perfect for horses at a particular stall, these can be used as bedding in a cubicle to provide the horse with the right safety and security.

There are various people who can help one select the right bedding for the horse and can speak to yard owners as well as bedding merchant who can help you to make the decision.

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