How Wheelbarrows Can Increase Efficiency Within Your Stable

Ensuring that your stable is adequately equipped and adapted for the most efficiency is important to make sure that it runs smoothly. Here at Fairfield Sales we provide a number stable equipment to ensure that you have not only quality equipment, but also equipment that will last. One piece of equipment that every stable needs is a practical wheelbarrow.

Why Are Wheelbarrows Important?

Wheelbarrows are extremely important especially when trying to carry heavy, large or awkward loads. Trying to carry them without a wheelbarrow can lead to serious injury that could take time to heal properly. Not only do wheelbarrows prevent you from causing an injury to yourself, they also speed up mundane tasks, allowing you more time for more important things.

Types Of Wheelbarrows

• Single Wheelbarrow – These are an easy to use, especially if they will be used for tipping things out. They are extremely easy to balance and can be used in narrow areas, as their one wheel makes them easy to manoeuvre

• Double Wheelbarrow – These are much more secure and able to lift and carry much more weight. These are a much better choice if you will be doing a lot of heavy lifting and need the support of two wheels.

• Four Wheel Trolley - Four wheel trolleys are ideal when trying to carry awkward or large items such as bales of hay or feed. They are easy to manoeuvre and extremely sturdy, and the four wheels make the items much easier to transport as you don’t have to carry the weight at all.

• Sack Truck – These are ideal for items that are too heavy to carry by themselves. The platform at the bottom allows the user to slide it under the item and then transport it easily.

Here at Fairfield Sales we provide a number of wheelbarrows in different price ranges to suit your budget. For more information call us today on 0845 130 6223 to speak to an adviser.

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