Why You Need To Make The Switch to Stable Matting

With winter slowly creeping in, now is the perfect time to take the plunge and invest in some quality stable mats. Upgrading your stable now is ideal in order to support your horse and avoid complications with your stable over the coming months. You can avoid icy slippery floors and have peace of mind knowing your horse is safe and happy with it's new stable mats. We’ve recently written about keeping your stable clean, and one of the main ways to make this an efficient task for yourself is to invest in stable matting.

We’ve compiled the benefits of why you should make the switch to stable mats, and how it can improve your stable conditions.

Minimal Labour

Unlike hay or wood chip bedding, rubber mats reduce the time you spend mucking your stables out. All they need is a simple hose down or brush to clear out the room and it saves you time replacing the hay so often.

Save Money

Although they are initially a higher cost, what you’re making is an investment and you’ll save money in the long run. With stable mats, you won’t need to keep paying for new hay stacks or wood chip so regularly. Plus, you’ll save space as they don’t need storing or replacing.


Replacing hay with mats means you can reduce the chance of your horse slipping and injuring itself or scraping its knees. Many horses often struggle to get up and can cause themselves injury as their hooves scrape through the bedding. Horses prefer mats as it replicates the feeling of getting up from an outdoor floor.


Stable mats drain very efficiently, meaning no mess is left on the surface which reduces the levels of ammonia left lingering. Hay and wood chips often trap and absorb ammonia causing the odour.

Here at Fairfields Supplies LTD, we provide a variety of high quality stable mats for your horses. Head over to our Equestrian page to see our full selection, or if you have any questions or simply want some advice then please call us on 0845 130 6223.

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