Why Rubber Matting Can Be Used For Industrial Purposes

Rubber matting is a general term for a piece of flat rubber that can be laid to offer a comfortable and low maintenance flooring solution. Although often used for equestrian functions, there are a number of advantages of using rubber matting for industrial purposes. Often within the industrial sector, employees are on their feet for a large portion of the day, standing static from nine to five. Below, Fairfield Supplies has listed three reasons why rubber matting can be effectively implemented within the industrial sector in order to combat common issues.

Reducing Fatigue and Increasing Productivity -

If your workers are in pain due to an increased amount of time on their feet, they are less likely to be productive. Scientists from Loughborough University recently found out that there is a stark decrease in the ability to concentrate after just 50 minutes of standing. These results show how important it is to provide your employees with a comfortable foundation to ensure that productivity is not affected by employee soreness. Rubber matting provides a better grip and reduces foot pressure through the cushioned rubber, whilst encouraging continuous muscle movement that keeps the blood flowing around the body.

Highly Resistant to a Number of Issues -

When working in the industrial sector, a number of disturbing factors can be combatted by the introduction of rubber matting. Rubber matting is heat and water resistant, and can act as an efficient insulator against cold floors. It can have anti-slip properties, making it the ideal flooring solution for industrial places of work which could be subject to a number of spillages, such as the catering industry.

Durability -

Rubber matting is generally tougher and more resilient than many industrial flooring solutions. It is able to hold heavy loads with ease and naturally resists mould and staining, sealing the promise that rubber matting is made to last. Its durability means that replacement of the flooring material does not have to be regular and therefore of high cost.

Here at Fairfield Supplies, we provide an extensive range of rubber matting products, including anti-fatigue matting, catering matting and anti-static matting. Give the team here a call at 0845 130 6223 or take a look at our collection of industrial rubber matting products here.

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