How To Benefits of Industrial Rubber Matting for your Factory

When it comes to your factory or warehouse the only thing more important than your machinery and equipment is your staff. We understand this at Fairfield Sales, which is why we supply high quality industrial rubber matting that can help to protect both from damage and injury respectively, but what exactly are the benefits of this fantastic flooring solution to your employees?

Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls

When it comes to injuries in the workplace the vast majority are caused by slips, trips and falls, so any measures that you can implement to mitigate this risk is a positive step for your business.

Industrial rubber mats can provide significantly improved traction in industrial conditions through increased surface friction.

Reduces Joint Stress

Standing and being on your feet for long periods can cause stress injuries to your joints over time, but you can help to reduce this dramatically by installing good quality rubber matting. It is often the impact of walking on a hard surface that can cause pain in the ankles, knees and hips, so the rubber matting helps to avoid this problem.

Provides Insulation During the Winter

As the temperature drops outside you may also begin to see additional health implications for your staff if you don't have effective insulation in place. As well as reducing the impact on the bodies joints it acts as insulation, keeping the environment warmer and thus helping to reduce occurrences of winter colds.

If you'd like to find out more about the benefits of our industrial rubber matting then you can get in touch with our team on 0845 130 6223 or via our online contact form.

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