How To Keep Your Horse Cool In The Summer

There is nothing like riding through the fields on your horse when the sun is blazing. However, just as we would apply sun cream upon stepping out into the sun, it is important to keep your horses protected from the summer heat also. Below, Fairfield Supplies has listed a few handy tips that will help to keep your horse cool in the summer months.

Provide shade

It is integral that your horse has somewhere cool and sheltered to stay in during moments of high sun. Ensure that the horse’s stable is cleaned regularly in order to move the air around and decrease the humidity within the stalls. If you’re particularly concerned about the heat that could linger in the stable, employing ventilation within the structure by installing fans is a practical way to combat this worry.

Keep clean, fresh water on hand

Another simple way to keep your horse cool in the summer is to provide your horse with fresh water as often as possible. If your horse is hydrated, the chances of sunstroke are lessened greatly. Be sure that your chosen water container, whether it be a bucket or a trough, is clean from insects and is situated in the shade.

Keep coats short

Although it might seem like a thicker coat could provide natural protection from the sun, a longer coat could actually pose a serious health risk for a horse who is outside during the summer months. A thick coat will hold heat in for longer, making it difficult for the horse to cool down naturally. By keeping on top of your horse’s coat length, you will eliminate any overheating problems that could occur, another great way to keep your horse cool in the summer.

Mist or bathe your horse

Gently sponging cold water on your horse is an effective way to keep your horse clean and cool simultaneously. This option is a great solution for a horse that is overheating, as the results are almost instant. An effective alternative to a sponge bath is to mist your horse regularly. The mist will cling to the horse’s coat and will ultimately keep the horse cooler for longer.

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